Who we are

This website will over time host professionals, academics, activists and others who want to contribute knowledge and insights in this broad area, and to mount an organised and intellectual and political challenge to dominant dogmas on ‘competition’ and between countries and states and the so-called ‘competitiveness’ of countries.

We are pushing back against a particular and very dominant meaning of ‘competitivness’, which we call the Competitiveness Agenda. Read about that here, and see what various thinkers have said about the ‘competitiveness’ of countries here.)

This project was originally the idea of John Christensen and Nicholas Shaxson, both of the Tax Justice Network (TJN), with support from Prof. Matthew Watson, Nick Taylor, Jack Copley and Jill Pavey at Warwick University in the UK; Liz Nelson of TJN; and Anthea Lawson. We initially discussed these ideas in a first small seminar at Warwick on February 16, 2015.

We are not aligned to any political party or to any particular part of the political spectrum. However, as the name of this site suggests, we have opinions. We are in favour of things such as fair taxes, fair wages and appropriate financial regulation and transparency. We are against the use of terms such as ‘a competitive economy’ as weapons to steamroller opposition to policies designed to meet these ends.

We are resolutely international: although this project originates in the UK, these issues affect all nations. We intend to make this as relevant as possible to all countries, rich and poor, and over time we intend to make this especially relevant to developing countries.

Nicholas Shaxson can be contacted at +49 170 356 5101

John Christensen can be contacted at +44 7979 868 302

or they can be emailed via this form


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