Should nations compete? Register for London workshop, City University

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You can register here to attend TJN’s annual discussion workshop, held in association with the Association for Accountancy & Business Affairs and City University, London, which will be held on 25th-26th June 2015.

The workshop theme is Should Nation States Compete? The outline programme is published below (it may be subject to alteration).  A fuller programme including paper abstracts is available here.



DAY ONE – 25th June 2015

10h00 – 10h30 Registration and coffee

10h30 – 11h00 Welcome and introductions


11h00 – 12h30 Session One

Facilitator – David Quentin
Discussant – Anastasia Nesvetailova

Matthew Watson – Ricardian Myth-Making: Comparative Advantage Theory as Ideologically Selective Historical Reconstruction

Atul Shah – Systemic Regulatory Arbitrage: the Role of KPMG

Andres Arauz and Isabel Estevez – A Minimum Cooperation Consensus for a South American Fordian Pact

12h30 – 13h30 Lunch


13h30 – 15h00 Session Two

Facilitator – Naomi Fowler
Discussant – Duncan Wigan

Darian Heim – Justice, Migration, and the Competition for Talent

Ali Saqer – International Competitiveness and Economic Resilience: from Social Welfare to Corporate Welfare

15h00 – 15h30 Tea break


15h30 – 17h00 Session Three

Facilitator – John Christensen
Discussant – Jim Henry

Juliette Schwak – South Korean Nation Branding and the Building of a Competitiveness Society

Jakob Engel – Regulating the Commodity Trading Industry: Comparing firm strategies to evade stricter regulation at three levels of governance

Linda Arch – Competition amongst the London Clearing Banks, 1946 to 1979


17h30 – 20h00 Film Screening

Screening of Harold Crook’s award-winning film documentary The Price We Pay, followed by panel discussion with Nick Shaxson, Jim Henry, moderated by Ronen Palan

20h00 Dinner at BananaTree


DAY TWO – 26th June 2015

09h30 – 11h00 Session Four

Facilitator – Liz Nelson
Discussant – Prem Sikka

Michael Tyrala – The Changing Role of the USA in the Regulation of the Offshore Economy

Duncan Wigan – The Finance Curse and Competition through Finance

Anastasia Nesvetailova – Russian Sanctions [TBC]

11h00 – 11h30 Coffee / tea break


11h30 – 13h00 Session Five

Facilitator – Alex Cobham
Discussant – Sol Picciotto

Hagai Kalai– Back to Source: From international corporate tax neutrality to efficient investment policy and its implication for a desirable international tax policy

Matti Ylönen – Politics of Intra-Firm Trade: Corporate Price Planning and the Double Role of the Arm’s Length Principle

Diarmid O’Sullivan – Curbing tax competition: how can we get to a global consensus?

13h00 – 14h00 Lunch


14h00 – 15h30 Panel Discussion – The ‘Competitiveness’ Conundrum

Moderator – Naomi Fowler
Discussants – Will Davies, Ronen Palan, Matthew Watson

15h30 Workshop ends

Register here.



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