U.S. accounting rule: “a historic development of tectonic proportions”

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Yesterday we received an email containing our quote of the day:

“this decades-overdue accounting rule is a historic development of tectonic proportions. It will enable analyses never before possible and vividly tie the opportunity costs of economic development to other public priorities.

Our emphasis added. We wrote about this recently, but thought we’d underline its importance, with this quote.

This comes from Greg Leroy of Good Jobs First, a non-profit organisation dedicated to exposing and opposing corporate welfare and the race to the bottom between U.S. states on taxes and subsidies. This is of great interest to us at Fools’ Gold, because so many of these subsidies and pork are handed out in the name of ‘competitiveness’ (or some other weasel word.) 

Read more about this at the Tax Justice Network, or from Good Jobs First.



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